Smartphone Banking

Note: Beneath this section you will find information about mobile app updates. Check out the newest features we've added to GoDough Mobile Banking!

Smartphone Banking is banking anytime, anywhere from your Android or Apple mobile device. Branson Bank offers the GoDough Mobile Banking app to ensure banking services are available at your fingertips. You can get the GoDough Mobile Banking App on the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (Apple) FREE. In order to use GoDough Mobile Banking, you must currently be an online banking customer. If you need to sign up for online banking, please call us or stop in a branch to easily and quickly get signed up!

What Can I Do With The GoDough Mobile Banking App?

  • View Account Balances & Transactions
  • Transfer Funds Between Your Accounts
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Pay Bills
  • View Account Alerts
  • View Check Images
  • View Recent Statements

Is Banking From My Smartphone Safe?
Yes! All login information and data passed from your smartphone is encrypted. Your account is also protected by our Premium Multifactor Authentication suite. To keep your account information secure, online account passwords are changed quarterly (every 90 days). 

Additional Information
(1) You must be a current Freedom Online Banking customer in order to use the GoDough Mobile Banking App.
      Stop into one of our locations to get signed up as a Freedom Online Banking customer.

(2) You can enable Smartphone Banking in your online banking account. Sign in on a computer and go to the
      Options tab, then Mobile Settings. Click the box to enable Web Access For Mobile Device. Answer the
      questions beneath that, and you are ready to go!

(3) If you have trouble getting smartphone banking enabled, please call us at 417-334-9696 or stop in one of
      our branches. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you!

GoDough Mobile App Release Information

The newest version of GoDough Mobile Banking is now available for your mobile device! This update addresses known bugs and adds new features including improved fingerprint, password management & reset, and FaceID authentication methods. The list is too lengthyfor this post but you can get a complete list CLICK HERE. Make sure your mobile device is set to receive the update, or visit the AppStore/PlayStore to download it. Thanks for using Branson Bank’s GoDough Mobile Banking!

Additional Information:

 1. Password expired? You can now change it in your      
 This feature allows you to update an expired  
     password from the GoDough Mobile Banking App.
 2. "Remember Me" - You can turn on a feature that will remember your
      username on your phone
 so you no longer have to type it in. Once
      you enable 
Remember Me, your user-name shows up like this:  
      Sam***********. This makes it much easier to log into
 your app,
      eliminating the need to type the username each time.
 3. View images of checks and deposit slips that have cleared
      your account
 4. View a text version of your recent statements.
 5. Added compatibility for Android M and Apple IOS 9.