Active Fraud Alerts

We take fraud very seriously. Our IT Officer monitors the alerts on a daily basis to keep you informed on the information needed to protect yourself. Click Here to learn more and to view the active fraud alerts.

Protect your Branson Bank Freedom Banking Account Information

While Branson Bank works to protect your banking privacy, you will also play an important role in protecting your accounts. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your Branson Bank Freedom Banking account information is protected:

  • Don't reveal your User ID or PIN to anyone. Your User ID and PIN are designed to protect your banking information, but they will only work if you keep them to yourself.
  • Make sure that your antivirus software is updated and working properly before entering online banking.
  • Change your Branson Bank Freedom Banking PINs frequently.
  • Don't walk away from your computer if you are in the middle of a Branson Bank Freedom Banking session.
  • Once you have finished your Branson Bank Freedom Banking session, sign off before visiting other internet sites.

To assure the utmost security of your account, be sure to click the EXIT button, clear your browser's cache to erase any stored information and close your browser window. This is especially true if you notice any suspicious or unusual activity related to any of your accounts. If this is the case, contact us immediately at 417-334-9696.

Branson Bank Freedom Banking is Private and Secure

We are committed to making your Branson Bank Freedom Banking experience safe and secure. We have taken many measures to ensure your privacy, including:

  • Information Encoding
    We use the latest encoding technology to ensure that your private information cannot be intercepted. Encryption is a way to rewrite something in code, which can be decoded later with the right "key.” When you request information about your accounts, the request is sent encrypted to Branson Bank. We decode your request and send the requested information back to you in an encrypted format. When you receive the information, it is decoded so that you can read it.
  • Personally Selected Account Names
    Branson Bank does not display your account numbers over the Internet. Instead, we ask you to choose a "pseudo" name for each of your accounts. You can change your “pseudo” account name under the “Management” section of our online banking service.
  • Individual ID and PIN Information
    In order to access Branson Bank Freedom Banking, you must enter a unique User ID and PIN.
  • PIN Security System
    To keep unauthorized individuals from accessing your account by guessing your PIN, we have instituted a PIN security system. If your PIN is entered incorrectly several times, the user is "locked out" of the system. If you have forgotten your password and have accidentally locked yourself out of your Branson Bank Freedom Banking account, please contact us at 417-334-9696.
  • Automatic logoff
    If you are logged on to Branson Bank Freedom Banking, but do not perform an activity for 10 minutes, you will not be able to proceed until you “re-log” on to the system.
  • Additional Security Measures
    In addition to the above safeguards, we have sophisticated firewalls and an authentication process to ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed to enter our system.
  • Email Communications
    Please remember that email is not necessarily secure against interception, and you should be cautious when sending email with personal information. If your information is very sensitive, or includes personal or confidential information, such as your bank account, charge card, or social security number, you may want to contact us by postal mail, telephone, or visit us at one of our locations.

When sending any application information online, this site automatically switches to a secure mode. This is evident by the "https" that will appear in the URL as opposed to "http." If you are using Internet Explorer, you will see a locked pad lock at the bottom of your screen when you are in a secure mode, and an unlocked pad lock when you are in an insecure mode.