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Branson Bank Supports Area Municipalities and Schools

June 27, 2018

Financial institutions have the unique opportunity and responsibility to support area municipalities and schools. Support may be distributed to schools in a variety of ways but one opportunity is through the purchase of municipal school bonds which help local school districts facilitate long term improvement plans.

In an effort to generate needed funding in an affordable and efficient manner, school districts routinely utilize municipal bond financing. Typically, voter approval is needed from local residents by way of an election as the bonds are repaid through future tax revenues. For example, if a bond is voted upon and approved, local millage rates can change impacting property tax levels paid by land owners within the district. These bonds are typically enacted as a supplement for operating costs, infrastructure, and growth, depending on the needs of the school system. The bonds are “sold” through 3rd party brokers to interested businesses, like Branson Bank, and those who invest in their respective communities and /or school districts.

“Bonds have helped our district in a variety of ways,” stated Dan Boone, Branson R-IV School District Board Member. “Our community continues to grow and we must continue to grow with it in order to efficiently support our students. It is refreshing to see area businesses literally buy-in with the purchase of school bonds that directly affect and support the students of our school district.”

Since 2011, Branson Bank, a local community bank, has made numerous investments via municipal bond purchases totaling over $2.3 million helping support area schools, including: Branson R-IV School District ($1,185,000), Kirbyville School District ($230,000), Forsyth School District ($610,000), and Hollister School District ($250,000). The locally owned and operated bank actively pursues local bond investments in an effort to better support local school districts.

“Investing in school debt, locally, helps districts continue to grow and improve the education process for area students,” says Bill Jones, President at Branson Bank. By choosing to do business with Branson Bank, our customers help make this type of activity possible. Our support of area school districts has been and will remain a priority of Branson Bank.”

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bill Jones at (417) 334-9696.